Wire Fabrication of Refrigerator Shelving

This 29″ refrigerator shelf was fabricated for a manufacturer of medical equipment. The customer supplied engineering drawings called out dimensions of 29.574″ in length, by 1.500″ in height, and 22.708″ (±0.03″) in width. The shelf was fabricated from 10 gage and 1/4″ 1008 PQ wire, and 14 gage cold rolled steel sheet metal. The sheet metal components were fabricated utilizing our precision 4,000 watt, Mazak laser cutter, while the forming was completed on our Hurco CNC press brake. Wire forming was performed with our AIM CNC 3D wire former and butt-welded for the border, the main body was welded on our Schlatter (automated wire mesh welder), and the final assembly was conducted upon our Motoman robotic MIG welder. This shelf is on a KANBAN inventory system. These advanced capabilities allowed us to maintain tolerances of ±.039″, and ±2ᵒ throughout the production run. Maintaining these tolerances were also verified through the use of custom made jigs and fixtures, utilizing go/no-go gauges. The assembled shelf was then powder coated with a white epoxy coating that met the required FDA standards. For more information on this project, or about our other fabrication capabilities, contact us directly.


This Fridge Shelf is used to hold supplies in a medical refrigerator.

Sheet Metal: Fabrication-Laser Cutting, Press Brake
Wire Fabrication: CNC Wire Forming, Butt-Welding, Schlatter (automated wire mesh welder).

Robotic MIG-Welding on the Motoman

CNC Wire Coil Forming: AIM Machine
Air Toggle Presses
Butt-Welder, KVA
Resistance Welder, Peer and WTC
Wire Straight and Cut, Lewis and RMG’s
Break Press, Hurco, CNC
4,000 Watt Laser, Mazak
Robotic MIG-Welder, Motoman

Length: 29.574″
Width: 22.708″ ± 0.03″
Height: 1.500″

± .039″ (± 1.0mm)

10 Ga and 1/4″ 1008 PQ (plating quality wire)
And 14ga CRS Sheet Metal

White Epoxy Powder Coat

  • FDA Approved

Check Gages and Fixtures

Medical Equipment Industry

Midwest United States

Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

29″ Refrigerator Shelf