Custom Wire Fabrication Services

Since opening our doors in 1921, Mid-West Metal Products has grown and flourished. We now occupy a 130,000 square foot production facility that provides precision wire fabrication services. Despite our longevity and size, Mid-West Metal Products has retained our small-shop ability to collaborate closely with customers as we work toward mutually beneficial solutions. Our wire fabrication capabilities include Automated Wire Mesh Welding, CNC 6-axis wire bending and CNC wire coil forming as well as coining, swedging and welding on spherical and conical end types in cobalt steel, cold-rolled steel, piano and spring wire as well as stainless steel.
Mid-West wire products can be found in store fixtures and point-of-purchase displays, fan guards and wire guards for HVAC, poultry and livestock equipment, grain handling and conveyors, refrigerator and other shelving, baking racks, and stands for laundry and trash bags.
You can find additional details on our wire fabrication capabilities below and may contact us directly to find out what Mid-West Metals can do for you.

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Fan Guard & Wire Guard Fabrication
Custom Store Fixtures


  • (8) Schlatter Automatic Wire Mesh Welders
    • 1/4″ gage (.250) to 13 ½ gage (.086)
    • up to 65″ x 150″ mesh
  • (7) CNC Wire Bending Machines
    • 12.5 mm to 14 gage (.080)
  • (1) CNC Wire Coil Former
    • 3 gage (.243) to 14 gage (.080)
    • 2″ to 80″ spiral coils
  • (16) Press Welders
    • 3/8″ gage (.375) to 12 gage (.105)
    • throat depths from 22″ to 38″
    • wire to wire, wire to tube, wire to sheet metal
  • (1) Meritus Wire Mesh Welder
    • 1/4″ gage (.250) to 13 ½” gage (.086)
    • 48″ x 96″ dual size welding
  • (2) Schlatter Posi-Welder Automatic Press Welder
    • 3/8″ gage (.375) to 12 gage (.105)
    • up to 32″ x 68″ part size
  • (1) Motoman Robotic MIG Welding Cell
  • Other: Air Toggle Presses, Butt Welders, Tee Welders, Wire Straightening & Cutting, Brake Presses, and MIG Welding