Sheet Metal & Wire Fabrication of a Shelf/Store Display

This shelving assembly was designed to display magazines for a retail application. The initial Product Roll-Out was for 10,000 individually packaged units to be drop-shipped to multiple distribution centers over a tight timeline of within a 2 month period. We have performed many additional production runs for this product.

Manufacturing required the use of a wide range of Sheet Metal and Wire fabrication equipment and techniques; these included Laser Cutting, Break Presses, Robotic MIG-welding, Straight and Cut Wire Machines, and Schlatter mesh welders. The finished product then had an oyster powder coat applied.

The customer supplied us with their concept drawings, which our design staff modified for improvements in manufacturing and cost reductions. The completed design called out an overall length of 47.750″, 13.941″ in width, and a height of 21.347″. Composed of 9 gage and 1/4″; PQ wire, it also used 16 and 18 gage cold rolled steel sheet metal.  Our cutting edge capabilities and equipment allows us to meet tolerances of ±.039″, and ±2ᵒ.  The first article was CMM testing, and quality control throughout the run was maintained with the use of custom fabricated fixtures and jigs which included go/no-go features to ensure that each piece held to the same level of quality as the first.

This particular project was completed from concept to delivery in just 2 months. To learn more about this project, see the table below or contact us directly.


Magazine Shelving Assembly

CAD Drawings, used their concept prints and developed our own CAD model and made minor changes to make it cost effective for manufacturing,
First Article Quality testing with the CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine), and a variety of powder quality testing on adherence and impact resistance.

Sheet Metal Fabrication:
Laser Cutting, Press-Brake
Wire Fabrication:Straight and Cut, Schlatter (wire mesh), Trimming, Press-Brake Forming.

Welding: MIG-Welding

Air Toggle Presses
Butt-Welder, KVA
Wire Straight and Cut, Lewis and RMG’s
Break Press, Hurco, CNC
4,000 Watt Laser, Mazak
Robotic MIG-Welding, Motoman

Quick Roll-out

  • 10,000 units for initial roll-out over 2 months

Length: 47.750″
Width: 13.941″
Height: 21.347″

±.039″ (±1.0mm)

9ga and 1/4″ 1008 PQ (plating quality) Wire
18ga and 16ga CRS for the sheet metal components

Powder Coated Oyster White

Fixture and Jigs, go and no-go fixtures and supervisor inspection.

Shelving Industry
Magazine Retail Industry

10,000 units

2 Months

Distribution Centers all across the US

Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

Shelving Assembly