Sheet Metal & Wire Fabrication and Assembly of a Ventilation Fan

Our customer came to us with a need for a new fan assembly and explained their required function and critical aspects of unit. We used this guidance to engineer the assembly and provided them with a hand-made sample for fit and function approval and then directly into full production. This assembly is a good example of our fabrication capabilities for the HVAC Industry and our ability to combine Wire and Sheet Metal Components under one roof. These components include a circular wire fan guard on the back of the unit, a Wire Mesh fan guard on the front of the unit, and cutting, forming, and welding of sheet metal components for the assembly.

Composed of 3 and 11 gage sheet 1008 plating quality wire, and 14 and 16 gage hot rolled steel, as well as 1/4″ and 3/8″ hot rolled steel.

This project required full use of our advanced metal fabrication capabilities. The front wire guard fabrication required straightening and cutting to the Schlatter (automated wire mesh welder), the circular wire guard on the back of the unit utilized the CNC benders and coilers to resistance welding for assembly. The sheet metal components were cut on our laser and turret, brake press, and MIG-welders. The fan was fabricated in three major components, the back round guard, which measured 42.499″ in diameter, and 3.5″ high. The front mesh guard which measured 47.480″ in length, and 47.507″ in width, and the side guard which measured 46.496″ in length, and 18.492″ in width. All three components met tolerances of ±.039″ and ±2ᵒ, which was maintained throughout production with the use of custom jigs and fixtures with go/no-go fixtures and gauges.

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Fan Assembly