Our UL Recognized Delta-Larm electro-mechanical models are used in septic or water level alarms to warning alarms synchronized with warning lights, we even use one in our building as a break schedule buzzer for our employees. Made with stainless steel and zinc plated steel these alarms can be used in moist environments. Below is a diagram of our basic shell with dimensions to see if this style buzzer will meet your needs. Basic prints and samples are available upon request.
Delta-Larm Specifications:
  • Bright Zinc or Yellow Zinc Plated Steel Shell
  • Stainless Steel Four Front Cover
  • DC Voltages: Range from (low) 9 vdc to (high) 15 vdc
  • AC Voltages: Range from (low) 90 vac to (high) 120 vac
  • UL Recognized
  • Emits 87 Decibels at 10 feet
Hanger Bag Stands