Fabrication of a Sheet Metal Enclosure

At Mid-West Metal Products we specialize in the fabrication of complex multi-faceted products that utilize various fabrication processes and materials. The stand-up tanning bed enclosure highlighted here exemplifies these capabilities. It was composed of PVC coated Ambrite Aluminum (to keep the highly cosmetic blemish free from fabrication through shipment and to the end customer), rigidized aluminum, brushed stainless steel, and Cold Rolled Steel. This project was manufactured and finished with state of the art metal forming equipment and advanced coatings. Components were cut on our 4000 watt Mazak laser cutter and LVD Strippet turret punch press, and formed upon Hurco and LVD press brakes and roller. Other components required machining that was completed on our Hurco VMI machining centers. Manual MIG welding was utilized for assembly. Finished components were coated with a combination of silver anodizing and powder coating. We created an instruction sheet for final assembly at the end customer’s location and brought together over 30 different purchased items for the final packaging while utilizing 1:1 packaging instructions to ensure accuracy. Each of our fabrication process utilizes stringent quality measures to ensure that the customer’s specifications were met.
For more information on this project, or the processes used to fabricate it, see the table below or contact us directly.